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What Exactly is a Word Counter?

An online word counter allows users to quickly determine how many words or characters they have in a given text without installing Microsoft Word.

How to Use Our Word Counter

Using our word count online tool is very easy. Just type or copy-paste your text into our text box on the word counter page. The number of characters and word count will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Word Count Tool Benefits and Reasons for Use

Our word count tool can easily be used by web masters, students, journalists, lawyers, authors, professors, secretaries, and others for word-counting purposes. Web masters need such a tool for improving SEO. The way a website appears in Google or in any other search engine is determined by character count. Titles are generally required to have no more than 70 characters and descriptions only 155 with both counting spaces. If you want your website to appear professional and reputable, use of a word count tool like ours to make an appropriate title and description for your website could be helpful. Students often have word count requirements with their written assignments and our word count tool provides automatically generated results for free without Microsoft Word. This tool is also helpful for professors who want to see if their students have completed their assignments within the specified word count.

Moreover, if you are a professional blogger or content writer, you can use our word counter’s text box to enter in your content. Our word count tool is also quite useful in legal documents, journalism, and advertising, as all these fields require word limits. It can also strengthen one’s writing skills. Good writers do not require rambling sentences in order to get their point across. If you can train yourself to express the same 50 word idea in 20, you’ll know you’re improving. And with our word-counting tool, you can quickly realize whether you’re doing this efficiently or not. Professional authors can greatly benefit from an online word counter. Often a written work’s length determines what category it should fall under, whether it be a short story, novella, or full-length novel. If you are a secretary and have your sights aimed at improving your typing speed, a word count tool can be a real asset because it easily shows how fast you type. Just time yourself typing a passage and you’ll have the number.


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